Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fall Wish List

So this is my Alexander McQueen wish list for Fall ! first off Fall is my favorite time of year the kids start back at school. The weather changes to a crisp morning and signs of scarfs & boots are all over the place ! don't get me wrong i love summer and all that comes with like BBQ's, Swimming, Fireworks and Smores ! But by this time every year I'm so ready for the kids to back in school and i can get back to my routine. And with school starting & Fall almost upon us brings school shopping for the kids & me ! (lol) no I'm not in school but i love to shop ! So this brings me to my wish list Of Alexander McQueen's Fall must haves or at least mine anyways !    This Leopard pony knuckle box clutch is going to haunt me forever i love anything Leopard and it looks so (Bad Ass) urban glam but so expensive $ 2,095.00 so i am pretty sure this item is very wishful thinking :( but i can dream. 


  1. Oh Connie, that clutch is to die for!!! I'm anxious for my little one to go to kindergarten next week. I have a list of things I'd like to do as long as my arm and after reading your post, heading your way to go shopping with you is now one of them!!!

    Happy Wednesday!


  2. Love the post!! I love fall so much too!! And you know about the boots/shoes ;) Love the boots! Do you have those?