Sunday, April 26, 2009

Work in Progress !!

This Blog is still a work in progress !!

I am currently still using my Typepad account until the end of the month. I am just a very busy girl and i need to prioritize (lol). Have a Wonderful day yesterday with my guys ( Husband,Ryan & Reese) We went to the block think i was going to Ron Jon's to pick up some summer things for my little guy Reese but they were gone ! Closed up moved !! What?? When did this happen?? IDK but the block to be honest look very sad so many store were gone and closed up ! It must be the economy and poor sales:( I only go there about twice a year to hit Ron Jon's and to one of our Favorite restaurants Koji's Shabu Shabu !!. But i did notice that they are putting in a Neiman Marcus Last Call it's by the Saks ! But it's still not open. I know they just opened another one at Camarillo premium Outlets. So the one at the block it's set to open around September 09 And i hope this helps get them some business and to reopen some store or at least get some new one's in there. I know this is really no big deal to some! But a girl like me one who loves to shop it's a big big deal to me :) And although the shopping wasn't that great yesterday i did manage to get a new handbag for summer not sure how much i will use it though because right now iam still obsessed with my Louie bag ! But it never hurts to add to my collection !!(LOL) And we made a pit stop at Borders !! Love that place i can stay in there all day! I got myself two more new books for me (MOMMY WOOD by tori Spelling & a Fantastic COCKTAILS book) and a new train book (of course) for Reese. But our lunch was amazing Shabu Shabu never disappoints.

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