Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend Finds & New Hair

So i finally got my Diane Von furstenberg Sunnies "Love Knot" and they came with this really cute summer tote and it's perfect for the beach !
So this pass weekend i hit the mall a little store called "Cutiesgirl" was having a sandals sale buy one pair get the other half price ! So now iam summer ready with my blinged out sandals just need to pick up some more flip flops.
And i also got my hair redone ! It had been around 12 weeks since my last appointment so it was time to get new hair i am totally addicted to my Bohemian Hair extensions ive been getting them off and on for the last 3 years they are sewed in and add length and fullness and at this time iam growing my hair out so this is a great way to get you through that awkwardness of growing out short hair and my hubby thinks it's really sexy !


  1. You have great taste! I love the cute new sunglasses and the tote that came along with it. That first pair of silver sandals is also really nice.

    Your hair looks pretty!

  2. Look at you hot mama!

    I love that tote bag and the last pair of sandals!!

  3. I would LOVE extensions like those...but I'd really LOVE natural long thick hair (but since that'll never happen I guess extensions are the way to go!!!) they look fantastic on you!

  4. I love the sunglasses! And them shoes are tooo cute!! Love them!!