Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are you ready for Halloween ?

Z Galleries~Midnight wall sconce $39.95

Hanging Skeletons $29.95

Glittered Spiders $ 12.00
Glitter skull $9.95
Cauldron punch bowl & cups $ 39.00
Pottery Barn
Halloween etched recipe cocktail shaker $19.00

Ceiling web & fuzzy spiders ! These are just too cute.

Tomorrow in October 1st and in my house that means alot ! you see We have 3 October birthdays in our family which one is mine ! and the others are my 2 daughters so we take Halloween pretty serious around here my house has already been decorated for about 2 weeks now except the outside didn't want to freak the neighborhood out yet ! We use to do a Haunted House for about 5 years! It was great we had fog machines, scary music, dead bodies, zombies and large size candy bars ! I have been passing out the large size for the last ten years kids come to expect them now lol ! The last time we did a Haunted House i was prego with my son Reese who is now 6 ! We stopped doing them when he was born it was just so much work we always had around 20 kids & adults running it and it was a blast but my older son Ryan & his friends did a great job we had the whole neighborhood hanging out here on Halloween and it really became a big thing ! But with the birth of my younger son i didn't want to get him to freaked out over Halloween so we stopped doing it maybe when he's 10 we will have to bring it back  !  But until then i really do up the house from the living room to the kitchen & den and even the back yard too ! The kids really love it i will have to post pic's when i get around to it ! But until then here are some really spooky fun things that would great in anybodies house & get you in the mood for Halloween. Enjoy !


  1. I love Halloween!! It would be cool to have an October birthday!

  2. Love all this stuff!! I have no idea what I am going to be this year. I have been Captain Jack for so long I am at a loss. Vampire maybe?