Monday, April 26, 2010

Saturday afternoon in Newport !

So Saturday afternoon me & the hubs headed to Newport with some of our kids for some lunch on the water !! At Joes Crab Shack  this place never disappoints great food and an amazing view except i forgot to take a pic of the ocean (ugh) sorry this place sits right on the water with a great view too !
oh well next time !


  1. This place looks like it has great seafood, and your boys are adorable!! (and you're blonde, I didn't know!! LOL )

  2. Looks like a fun outing!

    BTW - the twitter thing you added to your blog will quickly drive bloggers crazy as it keeps popping up anytime something is clicked on. If someone doesnt have the same twitter thing it keeps asking them to log in over and over and over.

  3. Great pictures. That dessert looks so yummy.

    LOL at that last pic. Brotherly love.

  4. Nikosmommy LOl no iam not blond thats my daughter ! I have black hair :)
    @ Suburban Princess i seen that yesterday about the twitter thing i will try and fix today i dont know why its doing that sorry its driving me crazy too !! Thanks

  5. Oooooh, its your daughter!! She looks just like you! I thought it was just you with hubs and the boys!! LOLOL sorry! She's a real beauty!!!

  6. I wish we had a Joe's Crab Shack here! I would go nuts lol