Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Top Three Thursday

Ok this week am hooking up with Kelly over at keeping up with kelly for her Top Three Thursday !

What are your Top 3 Restaurants
you like to eat at ?

#1 on my list is Joe's Sushi in La Habra
I can eat sushi everyday it's so fresh & tasty !

#2 is P.F. Chang's there food amazing and so authentic too my fav dish there is the chang's spicy chicken !

#3 is IN N OUT !!! the best is the double double animal style yummy !


  1. This post makes me so HUNGRY!!!
    I love PF Changs! I wish we had one in Charleston and I am dying to try In and Out Burger. I hear so many things about it. It must be delish!!


  2. In n Out sounds delish

    Thanks for playing along and have a great week

  3. I love PF Changs too!! We don't have an In and Out, but maybe when I'm in CA in June, we'll have to search one out!

  4. PF Changs and In and Out are both super tasty! Great picks!

  5. omg- that sushi looks amazing. And I have been dying to try an in-n-out burger, but they dont have them on the east coast!

  6. Its lunch time and I have not yet eaten, seeing those yummy pics almost made me lick my screen, lol!

    Sassy Chica

  7. I crave PF Changs at least once a week! this was a cute post!

    happy thursday:o)

  8. Mmmmm. Sushi. I could eat it several times a week for sure!

  9. Delish!! I think I am going to post something like this too if that's ok w/you....