Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Anniversary Sale !

I love costume jewelry so when at the mall i stop ed into for Love 21 and picked up a 5 new necklaces and some headbands earrings and new headphones that have the cutest crystals on them ! for my Ipod. Great deals in there

So here is my new bag for fall ! I want to use it now but iam hold off until sometime around fall. I know iam weird like that !! It is a Marciano By Guess ! I love that soft black leather with the gun metal studs on the top and the rocker chain and the size.... BIG i love big bags and this is big! And during the sale it was only 189.90 and after the sale it goes back to 295.00 My last bag was 4 times that price so the hubby was glad to see that i didn't get a 800.00 bag ! Although i would love another 800.00 dollar bag like my Louie bag ! Iam holding out for a timeless piece like a Nancy Gonzalez exotic bag !! Some day !
So last Friday i headed out to Nordstrom for the Anniversary Sale !! and yes it was a zoo so i pre-sale what i wanted so i can go in and have what i want already waiting for me ! Browsed around then went back on Friday with the hubby and Reese and my daughter Britt ! But that's another post!

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  1. a great find for panda fanatic!
    my roommate and i LOVE this bag