Friday, July 31, 2009

The Garlic Festival 2009

So we went to the Garlic Festival on Saturday me the hubby and Reese & My mother in Law (sandy) Just the smell of this place hit miles before we even approached the Festival it was such an awesome smell the smell every cook loves GARLIC !!!!!!!
Waiting in line to buy our tickets !
OK first things first the hubby found the beer stand quick ! It was so hot unbelievably hot ok the car said it 95 at 11:00 am ! so i just got hotter as the day went on and look at my Reese he just wasn't having it ! until he found out there were rides for kids !

Sandy and me trying on hats ! I just love hats and these one's were just so cute but pricey they were marked down to $ 88.00 and although they were lovely they were only made of straw with a big butterfly on it !!! Come on people can you say price gouge.

Ever food possible was there but we only try ed a few things it was just so hot i lost my appetite after trying a few things all i wanted was water :(
But we did find this stand and it was yummy !!

This is the #2 the one i got i love artichokes and this was stuffed with shrimp and crab
This one was fried with a whole bunch of yummy going on !

My Hubby eating Garlic bread it was dripping butter and Garlic OMG so good.

And look at Reese's face here so happy we found the kids section !

Happy lil guy
The ride back to Scott's Valley the scenery is truly amazing so much farm land we all forget that California grows so much locally. Had a great time with my family not sure if were going to go back next year we joked and said they need to move it to October when it's not so hot (lol)


  1. Oh, my gosh ... I can smell the glorious garlic from here. Great pics and post and I so love the hats. Very Sophia Loren but wow, $88? Yikes! OK, I'm off to try and find the recipe for the Crab & Shrimp stuffed Artichoke. Yummm!

  2. OMG so now I am starving lol!!