Monday, July 13, 2009

Elizabeth Taylor

So this weekend i stopped by Borders i can spend hours in there but no i only was there 45 minutes my hubby and 5 year old were with me me so i couldn't spend to much time in all the sections i love to cruise but i did find this Elizabeth Taylor book by J.Randy Taraborrelli and i picked up L.A.Candy By Lauren Conrad I'll post about that later! but for now it's all about Liz!
This is another book i will be on the hunt for Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry ! her are some clips from the book that i cant wait to get my hands on ! i simply love old Hollywood and the great actor and actress of that time and there story's. And i have my own love affair with jewelry and i Am lucky enough to be married to a wonderful husband who loves to give me jewelry for Mother's Day, Valentines Day, My Birthday and our Anniversary so over the past few years or so i got a real good collection going. But nothing like this ! Oh to dream so for now i will truly admire her collection !

Elizabeth Taylor wearing the Taylor-Burton pear shaped diamond pendant

Taylor wearing one of her most famous pieces the Krupp Diamond !! A girl can only dream :)

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  1. hi thank's for stopping by.....Love the first photo of Liz's eye's..