Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aww just another day in the life of me!

Well it started off by cleaning the pool the cleaning up all the pool crap ! and playing with my lovely dog's Savannah and Juicy quickly moved on to Laundry and oh ya in between that i made breakfast for the kiddies did some dish's, made the bed, picked up all the bathtub toys that someone forgot to pick up (hubby) after the kids got out of the bath last night and now i am on the dusting the furniture then of course i will need to do my floors pull something out for dinner clean my back slider windows think of something wonderful for lunch tomorrow my cousin is coming over for lunch and swimming with the kids and well doing all that go figure i still have time to blog (lol) Wait i forgot i am sewing sometime today too i am making some really cute retro aprons and i just might bake a cupcake too!! Wait now let me throw lunch for the kids in there too and a few snacks. The joys of being a stay at home mom !

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  1. Wow, reading that made me exhausted! ;) How do you do it?