Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our long weekend getaway day 3 & 4

Sunday we spent our day at Capitola Beach this was such a pretty place

View of the beach
i didn't even know i hit the Manuel button on my camera so some of my pic's came out horrible (ugg :( )
Leaving Scotts Valley i just love their Hwy the views are so pretty !

On the side of the road we had to stop to soak in the view

This place was great the last time i was their i was about 7 months pregnant with Reese ! They are located in Hollister ,Ca . So we stop ed in on the way home to pick up some Champagne & candy and Garlic !

They have a big array of candy fruit and condiment's

And did i mention they have free wine and Champagne tasting at this fruit stand !

Ahh the Champagne i cant wait to use it this weekend in my Mimosa's

Our next stop on the way home was Harris Ranch located midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles in Coalinga, Ca

The guys waiting for our table @ Harris Ranch

The meat market @ Harris

inside Harris Ranch

mmm... Tri-Tip !
Ok how crazy is this outside the Harris Ranch they grill there Tri-tip it smelled so good!

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