Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Botox or not to Botox ?

Ok so i turned 40 this pass October and i have been wanting Botox like 5 years ago ! (lol) but have always put it off got alittle scared about the whole thing but i always knew i would some day give in to my doubts and have it done. I know it sounds vein but whats a girl to do i have some wrinkles on my forehead and some crows feet around my eyes and let me tell you they were not there a few years ago when i was in my 30's. My BFF since we were 2 years old calls me up yesterday and invites me to a Botox party that she is throwing she works at a hospital and is really good freinds with the Dr. so i was like hell yes am all in and i cant wait the party is next month and i will be there wrinkles and all  !
So what do you think about Botox ? would you do it ? let me know what you think ?


  1. Hmmmm.....I'm not a big fan of putting foreign objects (or fluids) inside my body. I'm not against getting a boob Lift and other nips/tucks - but no implants or anything else plastic or liquid-y inside me! No thanks! Then again though, ask me again when I'm more wrinkly. Haha.

  2. Gee Connie, hope it turns out okay. My hubby is a neurologist who gives botox injections for medical reasons (dystonia) and I would NEVER let that poison any where near my face. I like my laugh lines and wrinkles, at least for now Lol!

    You are so gorgeous! You don't need this done girl!!!

  3. Okay...for some reason no words are showing up but I botox. I am not sure there is a huge difference, but I still do it. Have done it twice.

  4. I'm unsure about needles, but I'm with the rest of you all - ask my crows feet in a couple of years. I'm sure they'll want a solution!

  5. Right now I an say no, but of course, my wrinkles aren't so bad. Give me a few years. LOL

  6. I would totally do it! I've thought about it and why not?

    Let us know what you decide! But for what it's worth? I think you're beautiful already!


  7. Ok I would SO do this! I am in my 20s but as soon as I start seeing some issues I am definitely going to try it! You are so gorgeous, but why not have a little fun?! Let us know if you do it and how it turns out! XOXO

  8. If you feel like you need it....DO IT! I will be doing it when I start seeing too many wrinkles. I could probably do it now b/c I am a sun godddess in the summer (which is so bad but I love it) and I am starting to see some....eeeeeeek!

  9. Thanks for all input on this ! I never thought either that i would want it but then i turned 40 lol so yes i will be doing Botox Next month !! will post the whole things then !
    Thanks ladies

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