Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Friday Finds & The Weekend wrap up

So my plan for Friday was to hit "The Block of Orange" for some shopping & lunch with my daughter, but the rain came and the block is outside so we moved our shopping date to "The Mall" and here are some fun stuff i picked up ! A cute new white handbag for spring. Some really cute pair of heels in glitter black with a platform in them and they where really cheep too !! And we spent sometime in Sephora and grabbed  some girly goodies love the new eye shadows i got too.We also stopped off @ old Navy where i got some black yoga pants and some shirts for Reese for valentines day !

On Saturday i got a new phone ! Yay for me because i had the BB Pearl and i was on my second one always having problems with it erasing everything whenever it wanted too! so annoying so me & my daughter Britt got the G1 the google phone in white i love it in white so clean and pretty it does so much stuff i just need to learn how to use it ! but have put a really cute Zebra background on it !

Was the Superbowl !! didnt really care who won but was rooting for the Saint just cuz the hubby was for the colts and i always go for the underdogs haha and they won too !! I know i should have bet him :) So i made a ton of food and am so mad i forgot to take pic's of the table before we all started eating ugh !! but heres a pic of a plate of the food we did Turkey Sliders, homemade fried chicken, fresh guacamole and a bunch of other food too ! 
So i hope everybody enjoyed there weekend i did. 


  1. You got some great stuff over the weekend! I love the shoes and the leopard jacket!! And the pink on the jacket just makes it that much cuter!
    I should have been at your house eating on Super Bowl Sunday, everything looks so yummy!
    Have a great day!

  2. Connie, that looks yummy!! Yes, I would have loved to see a photo of the entire table you had prepared.

    I love the heels, wow, so pretty and I need to buy some new make up for Spring. I wear Smashbox and Love it!

  3. What amazing finds love! And that phone is gorgeous! xoxo

  4. Thanks for the follow! I really love that purse, super cute.

  5. Your vittles look delicious, as does your new phone! WOW!

  6. You know me, love the shoes!! And that damn Sephora can make me broke lol!!