Monday, February 15, 2010

New Ride for Valentine's

This is the cake me & my daughter Katelyn made Saturday night for the family it's our Valentine's day cake!

Also on Saturday we headed over to the OC market place to do alittle shopping and i picked up this really cute Emilio Pucci inspired phone cover and i love it !!  Then we had lunch at Claim jumpers which was so good i had my favorite BBQ Chicken sandwhich. and then got my new ride my beach cruiser which i named "Valentine" since my hubby got it for me on Vday ! this week i will be having it upgraded alittle when done i will post some pic's of it.


  1. Lurve the new ride...I have a bike just like it!!! P.S. your wedding ring set is amazing!!!

  2. Its so cute cousin! It gonna be even cuter when you make those upgrades! I love the cake too.So we didn't make it out to Orangehill and went to afterhour care...But guess what that was close ??? ugh so he is going tomm.

  3. That cake looks divine! I would love to have a piece of it.
    And I am totally jealous of your new bike, I have been wanting one of these! You need to put a drink holder on it for your cocktails!!! ha!

  4. What a sweet bike!!

    Regarding the Wii's okay. I thought it would be more active/more of a work out. I don't feel like I do that much with the games it came with. i'm sure there are others out there I can buy.

    I also recently received the Wii game Just Dance, and that's really fun and is a really good work out!