Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend in review ! haha

I hope everybody had a great and relaxing weekend ! I did, except i feel like we ate out all weekend (lol)  Friday got some mom & daughter time in did some shopping then lunch out !! Sushi~ @ Niko Niko's in La Habra we love that place the food is always fresh. and BTW while we where out at 2 difference place on Friday i had dont wanna say homeless because i dont think one was but lets just say one was a young guy around my sons age in his 20's asking for money for gas ? ...  I felt bad saying NO but i just had a feeling he was lying we saw him hopping from car to car asking for money who does that ! I told my daughter no real man would go up to two women and ask for money and especially if they have kids with them !  right? anyways when we were leaving the parking lot of Target we seen him with a bunch of other kids hanging out by Jamba Juice i knew it . ugh anyways i always try and go with my first instinct its usually right !

Our lunch !!

Also on Friday a friend of mine and my older daughter had her baby it has been quite a year for her she got married and had a baby all in one year !! baby and mom are doing good and are home !! I cant wait to go visit the baby which she named Mason 6 lbs 10oz Congrats Monica & Logan

Our Friday night was spent at home with a fire and homemade Spaghetti.
Saturday we did some shopping at the Outlets in Commerce at  the Citadel i have only been there one other time i always forget its really not that far and that it even there. So we did some shopping for my lil guy Reese then had lunch at Rubys i have never eaten there and now i know why eww just not my type of place the Burgers were so plain but my hubby & Reese thought it was fine i guess am a little picky i love Red robins burgers much better anyways the rest of the day consisted of looking for a new couch i want to change up the living room with a new couch so last weekend and this weeknd we went looking again i found one that i like but just not sure i will do anohter blog on the couch !
Saturday night ended ordering dinner in from Lascaris they have the best take out and i love the fact they deliver so it was Italian again for dinner but it was so good and a movie !! Sherlock Holmes it was OK what i seen of it i fell asleep so i need to rewatch it i was just too tired .

Sunday !! was the Grammys did anybody watch ?? We did and i cracked open a bottle of bubbly and watched.... Love the Lady Gaga performance with Sir Elton John.  And Pink she is so amazing and how and the hell does she sing upside down LOL ?? she so rawks :) here are a few pic's that caught my eye !

So i hope everybody had a nice relaxing weekend i did !! Here's to a wonderful week ahead.


  1. Sounds like you had a great week!!

  2. I agree with you about Pink. Anyone who can sing upside while spinning is amazing in my book.