Monday, June 15, 2009

The Gardenwalk in Anaheim

On Saturday we felt like eating some P.F. Chang's !! Last year they put a new one close to us in Anaheim it's across the street from Disneyland.
Here are my guys heading to eat !
Reese waiting for a table playing his DS ! I love that thing it keeps him entertained :)
Finally at our table with some good old Mai-tai's yummy the bartender there makes the best !
We started off our lunch with one of my Fav's Wonton soup ! One order is enough for 4 people it so flavorful with wontons,shrimp and a bunch of other yummy stuff !
So we order all our favorites Garlic noodles, Chang's spicy chicken, Crispy honey shrimp, Mongolia beef i know it sounds like alot but we always have so for home later !

Reese loves the Garlic noodles and rice.

Although this place is new it has some really nice shops they are not filled up yet but it's coming along !
While we were there of course we had to stop for Reese's favorite ICE CREAM!!! And i had to snap a pic of the Hello Kitty cake she's my Fav!
My hubby (kam) relaxing after a nice lunch.
Throwing penny's in the fountain and making some wishes.

we stop in the O'Neil store and Reese picked up a hat and Kam a new shirt ! So that was our trip to Garden walk some lunch dessert and a few new things !

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