Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Weekend !

Happy Monday Girls! What A fabulous weekend we had except for the weather :( ! It has been gloomy now for almost a week and today i woke up to drizzle ?? WTH ? It's June 1st already i need the SUN !. But anywho our weekend started off on Friday morning taking Reese's to his last visit to his urologist before his surgery on Thursday he was such a good boy at his appointment me and his dad took him lunch then later that night we took him to see UP! the new pixar movie and it was so good i even teared up alittle :( And from the looks of the movie theater everyone loved it too! it was a full house every seat filled up !

Saturday we took a early morning walk then went out for a late breakfast to the Corner Bakery Cafe ! They have really lite and fun Menu~Me the hubby and Reese can eat breakfast there for under 25 bucks WOW! we usually spend that much just on fast food and it's healthy too!

So we did some errands Banking, the went by the park and signed Reese up for Soccer came home dropped off the boys picked up my slightly adult age girls hit the beauty supply store for some stuff we didn't even need (LOL) Then hit the department store because i needed a new pair of shoes !!(laughing) Cause i don't really need shoes ! But i wanted new ones to go with my new Calvin Klein dress. And i also bought two other new dresses for summer and picked up a bunch of new nicknack's for the kitchen since iam redoing the color of it next week i will repaint the kitchen and den and wall unit in the den ~

Sunday started off with another walk !!(are you getting the picture) Iam walking everyday!! Yay me! Then Breakfast out ! ( i was good i ate lite) did some Sam's Club shopping hit the Scrapbook store then Micheal's they were having a sale !! Came home to do Some home facials and a pedicure and made a lite dinner and another walk !!

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  1. it sounds like you had a fun weekend! we did a lot of nothing this weekend :)