Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Truly Lovely Reads

It would make a great gift for any woman looking to up her style ante. It's easy to read, and easy on the eyes, and is full of juicy fashion learning's.

Got to love Victoria Beckham this book is a riot with her wit and sarcasm i couldn't put it down ! and a quote from her book.
"My own inspirations come from Grace Kelly, Jackie Onassis and Giacometti sculpture, but this book is not my attempt to tell you what or what not to do. It's my last chance to cash in on what remains of my fame before David retires"
This lavish book focuses on Parisian and British couture between 1947 and 1957, a decade that Christian Dior described as fashion's 'golden age'. Dior's 'New Look' collection of 1947 shocked and delighted the fashion world, creating a style that symbolised a new femininity.
Can't wait to get my hands on this i love getting book for my coffee table that i enjoy reading and look through over and over again !

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