Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Simple Woman's Day Book

Outside my window....This morning is gloomy and there is a slight crisp in the air.

I am thinking ...a million different thoughts.. But one is that i am blessed to be a stay at home MOM.

I am thankful for ...My Wonderful family that i get to be with everyday.

From the kitchen...Comes my passion for food and creating great meals

I am wearing ...Flip flops, A cozy T-shirt and Black workout shorts

I am reading ...Through my new Bobby Flay cookbook ! Burgers Fries and Shakes!

I am hoping...To get Through Thursday( Reese's Surgery) just fine !

I am creating...Wedding invitations

A picture thought...

The open road at Summertime is the best !


  1. the open road in the summer is one of the best things i agree! i hope that thursday goes well. i wanted to answer your camera questions, but i can't reply to your comments via email. send me an email when you get a chance + let me know what questions you have. i would be happy to answer them!

  2. Welcome to Sits and so nice to meet you!! I wish you the best this Thursday. This is such a beautiful blog and I have to check out some of your posts. Thanks so much for joining Sits!
    Martha, Welcomista.

  3. Can I just say something random? Your avatar actually resembles your picture. Sometimes, I get so thrown off when people have an image in their header or an avatar and they have photos of themselves on their website and the two look nothing alike. It just confuses me a little.
    Now that I have the randomness out of the way, welcome to SITS!!
    And good luck on Thursday!!!

  4. Welcome to SITS friend! What a fun blog you have.