Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Clothes !!

just a Fall Day
just a Fall Day by couturemama featuring Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry

Ok so it's not even hot enough to wear this outfit but a girl can only hope ! (LOL) today was a cool 92 !! but the weather said it was going to cool down to the 70's later in the week so maybe sometime in the future i could wear this really cute and casual oufit ! What are you wearing this Fall ??


  1. These are great! I am into the scarf thing this season and have bought 4 (not sure how to wear them just yet tho lol) As you know I am wearing alot of purple but also the greys out are gorgeous too and are easy to mix and match with alot of colors. I so love the high boots that look great with jeans, skirts and slacks. Also love the big chunky jewelery that is out. This is a nice outfit gf - go for it!

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