Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Whole Foods At The District in Tustin

This past weekend me and the hubby took a drive out to Whole Foods in Tustin at the District it was a 25 minute drive but we had to go i just keep hearing all the hoopla about Whole Foods and what a great store it it ! So off we went at yes it was all THAT !!! I loved it ... This place is amazing i didn't know where to start i felt so over stimulated from all the fantastic things they had. We started at the Chocolate !!!! They had everything you can imagine dipped in chocolate ! and yes even chocolate dipped Chili's !! and the dessert section was breathtaking !!!
Deli kiosks: The store is outfitted with a half-dozen “create your own” salad, soup and deli bars. One buffet table will rotate “international food” specials

– Wine and Tapas bar: The Tustin store is one of only two in Southern California that offer a Enomatic wine sampling machine. The contraption spits out samples ala an espresso machine for tasting various wines. Prices range from $2 to $10 for a one ounce sip. At the bar, you can also nibble on a variety of “tapas” dishes including cheeses, olives, chocolates and deli meats.

– Smokehouse and Seafood Grill: Marinated meats can be grilled or smoked as you shop. Or, you can sit at the granite-top bar and watch your order being prepared while a sporting event is shown on an overhead flat screen TV.
Whole Foods is giant at 60,000 square feet and is pretty impressive! with all it has to offer i just wish there was one closer to me ! but maybe in a good way it's not too close for this store is very pricey and i would probably spend all my time there!! LOL
The Tea Bar and book section !

So if ever in Tustin stop by Whole Foods to amazed by a grocery store !
XoXo Connie


  1. I am so looking forward to going there. I see this place on Emeril Green all the time and it looks awesome!! When I lived in Manhattan, I rarely grocery shopped b/c it was an ordeal getting the groceries home. One of the joys living in the country are stores like this and cooking :)

  2. I love the whole foods market! I just wish there was one near me....I took it for granted when it was just down the street...

  3. Oh yeah... they're GREAT. I have one next to my house and I'm pretty much addicted to their soups and salad bar. It's a really good company in general and they are absolutely 100% organic. The produce is AWESOME!