Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Looking for a new room

It's that time again ! I am feeling like i want to redo my bedroom colors not the furniture or anything like that but yes new paint and some new curtains maybe a new light or two and even a new throw rug ! Here are some ideas i came across on the Internet. Tell me please what do you think on color ?? I am girl who loves dark rich colors so not sure if i want to go with a dark color or change it so to a light color !

OK this one is my favorite !! Just not sure on the light Duvet cover so pretty but i have a 5 year old ! What to do?


  1. My fav is the first one by far expecilliay if you have wood floors. I love the blue walls. I vote for number 1!!

  2. I like the choc brown but im a little bias bc thats what i have and i love it !:)