Sunday, September 27, 2009

Playing around with Polyvore

The Classic Black outfit
The Classic Black outfit by couturemama featuring Prada shoes

So i was playing around with Polyvore again it can be be the cure for boardome i am sick yet again this time it started with a sinus cold and now has moved down to my chest with a ugly cough !! So more polyvore to come i love this stuff !!! How do you past the time ?? What do you do when held up in bed ?? ive seen so much TV and is over it did some online shopping bought a new dress picked out my 40th birthdy gift !! showed it to my hubby and he bought it for me i wont tell what it is but it is amazing !! when i get it i will post a pic !!! So back to surfing other blogs and maybe some hot tea ! enjoy your night all !

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  1. Can you buy clothes on here? Because so far I like what I see. The shoes are to die for and love the bag but have too many of both lol! I shop way too much online on my down time or boredom.