Friday, March 19, 2010

The Diva Award

Thank you  Angela ! for thinking of me :) if you guys have'nt had a chance to go check her blog out head on over now ! I think every girl likes to be a diva every now and then:o)

7 Things About Myself to Accept This Award: since i just did one like this i am going to post picks of my favorite things that i use on a daily or weekly basis . Enjoy

My "Louie" speedy bag

Youth Surge~ I love this product !

I do weekly facials cause every Diva does !

OK i dont use this on a weekly basis but i sure do like a Skinny Girl Margarita at the end of a day .

My Reebok Easy Tones~I wear them M-F and they work i feel burn
A weekly pedicure

Sushi i eat this on a weekly basis ! I would eat it everyday if i could !

I'm passing this award onto these girly girls:

Pink Martini Sandpearls
504 Main
Winey Mommy
The Daily Dribbles
Menopausal New Mom
Running in High Heels
 There are so many more blogs that deserve this award too but dont worry ladies i have another award i'll be giving out this weekend !


  1. Congrats on your award doll!!Well deserved!!

  2. Aww!! Thank you so much for passing that on to me. I'm totally NOT a diva by any stretch of the imagination. But I guess my cute Coach bag gets me maybe half way there!!

    You are too sweet!!

  3. Stopping in from SITS!! Congrats on the award!!
    (and i just read a review on that Clinique youth surge moisturizer... I gotta get me some!!)

  4. Congrats on this award!!!
    I love my LV speedy too...and I could most definitely live on Sushi!
    I have got to get a pair of Easytones...I'm hearing about them everywhere. I want!

  5. This is great!! I so want an LV! When I get to NYC, heading to Canal St. to pick myself up one!

  6. I heart your loves! I use a Clinique moisturizer--I love it!

    I definitely need to try the skinny girl margarita--I've heard amazing things about it! Yum.

    Congrats on the award--you sooo deserve it! Heart you, honey & thank you! xoxo