Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun finds Friday's

My trip to Sephora was a success i picked up a new make up for me  MAT & VELVET & some Primed & Poreless which i love it's so soft on my face it was recommended by another bloggy friend if you get a chance check out her blog ! and i slso picked up a new polish love the color "Tire jack"!
I also stopped in to get my accessory fix at For love 21 they always have trendy cute stuff and really really reasonable price's A cute jeweled headband ($11.00) and some pretty hair clips($1.50) Jeweled clip ($3.50) a big body bruch with shimmer powder ($3.50) and another polish ! i can go crazy in there they also have really cute jewlery
Necklace (under $12.00)
and all these's rings except the white one is for (Nordstrom) all under $10.00
We even hit Old Navy they were having a $5.00 T-shirt sale ! i picked these up for some new workout shirts !
Shirts were regularly $14.50 but this weekend they were all $5.00 ! now i can kick myself for not buying more they are so soft ! I hope they do the sale again. also got a Black knit dress for spring !  
Then we stopped in to the Nordstrom Cafe for lunch

Tomato Basil soup
\Steak Cilantro Salad ! So all in all it was a nice day with my 2 daughters.


  1. What is Mat & Velvet and Primed & Poreless? Is it makeup or moisturizer? Or what? I just bought some Dr. Brandt Pores No More stuff from Sephora Online but haven't received it yet! I'm always looking for good anti-pore stuff! I mean, we need pores, but you know...I want them less noticable!

  2. Great finds! I love the rings! What color nail polish is that? I like it!
    And that salad looks yummy yummy!

  3. I love your fab finds! I love shopping--and I definitely need to go shopping with you! You seriously found some of the cutest things ever!


  4. Connie, what a great family day! Bet your daughters had a blast shopping with you. Those rings are gorgeous but I tell you, I'd hate to get a backhand from someone wearing one of them Lol!

  5. Great rings!!! I picked up some of those T-shirts at Old Navy too...can't beat $5 !!!!

  6. Great finds! I love all the rings and you just can't beat the stuff at Forever 21.