Friday, May 8, 2009

My New Camera

So last night me and the hubby (Kam) went to Sam's Club to buy my new camera i decided on the D40 ! But when we got there they no longer Carrie it in the store (ugh!) They had the D60 so even better for me because for one it's better than the D40 has a little more features to play with. So when you buy a camera there they have them out you grab a card take it to the register they ring you up and so on. So we did all that even got a new SD chip 8 Gig for only $20.00 bucks what a deal ! So anyways then we have to go pick it up at the other end of the store we hand the guy our receipt he goes to get it comes back with nothing in his hand ?? And tells us we don't have anymore !!! What ? I was like WTH !! How do you sell something we just paid for at your register and don't even have it in your store !! They were about 10 cards sitting out by all the cameras meaning they should have 10 !! Ugh so he proceeds to say we can ship it to you ! I was like Umm no ! i could have order it online but i chose to come in and get it because I WANT IT NOW !! ( i know my husband say i was born with the VERRUCA SALT condition LOL) I have no Patience when it comes to me getting something i have my mind set on ! So i was like no give me my money back I'll go to Best Buy! So now we have to go to customer service wait in line and get our dam money back !! Oh well we headed over to Best Buy and they have the D60 but it cost $70.00 dollars more ! WTH? But my great hubby remembered that they price match ! Oh thank god :) So we got it for the same price as Sam's Club :0 So ya iam a happy girl :) And my hubby says "Happy wife Happy Life !!! " And Best Buy you ROCK !!!! So now i need to learn how to use my Camera !! It shouldn't be to hard i took Photo for 3 years in school ! So hopefully i can now take some amazing pictures and post them on here !

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