Monday, May 25, 2009

Prom Dress shopping & Lunch @ Bj's

On Friday me & Katelyn went prom dress shopping in Brea ! And i think she try'ed on about 12 !! And the she try'ed this on and fell in LOVE with it ! So we got the dress then headed to the Mall and found a pair of the cutest silver strappy heels. So were set now she just needs earrings ! yay Prom is on Saturday she cant wait !! So after all the shopping we headed off to Bj's to grab a bite to eat this food was yummy !


  1. Her dress was so pretty she looked happy wearing it! I was all into ur blog andthen it happened!Not only do u mention food but u put those fricken pictures!you are sooo mean just trying to torture me arent u?

  2. katelyn looks sooo cute :) hope she has a great time :)