Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Surprise were going to Disneyland !!

This is Reese's face when he saw that we were going to Disneyland on Monday night after a day of swimming i thought it would be nice to go and ride on a couple of rides and watch the fireworks !!
Here's Landen so happy were going to Disneyland !
Main street @ Disneyland although it looks crowded it was not ! And that's the way i like it !! We have been pass holders since my son Reese was about a year old and we love it !!
The firework show is new and amazing !!

Britt & Landen in line for Buzz lightyear it's always the first ride we hit !! the boys love it !

Reese and his daddy with Buzz !

My guys !

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  1. It's the luckiest of souls who get to live close enough to Disney to run over for some fun!! Dallas, not so much.

    We are taking my boys (6 and 3) for the first time come July. I can't tell you who is more excited.

    Welcome to SiTS!! Em