Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beach Cruiser

So i am still looking for a beach cruiser not sure what i want i love this Paul Frank "Skurvy" it is just too cute and @ $ 360.00 and i haven't seen anybody with one yet so it is a bit appealing to me it's just do i really want to spend over 400.00 dollars on a cruiser i no i wont use all the time hmmm.... not sure and then
I found this one a few months back too this is 399.00 plus 75.00 S&H and sales tax (OUCH) but i love Leopard but i did come across this basket that i know for sure i am going to order it. It is just too cute for words. I don't know i have also been looking at Target and wall mart and i can get a real cute one their too for about $160.00 so i am still on the hunt for a good deal but a cute bike although i will just be biking around town and the beach i might go with the lesser costing bike just to be sensibly, it's not like there shoes (lol) i wouldn't think twice about the purchase (lol)
It comes in White, Black and Green and cost $70.00.


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