Monday, August 31, 2009

My Version of a Steak & Eggs Sandwich

OK this is the first time i ever made poached eggs ! and i only had to throw one out (lol) as i was making the second one i told the hubby that if this one didn't come out i was going to make them fried !!! I hate not doing things right the first time ! So i gave it another try and it came out !! and yes i did YouTube Gordon Ramsey demo on how to make a poached egg and i am glad i did !!
And here is the steak sandwich i made to put the poached egg on !
It was a Flank steak (which i never use i always heard it was a tough meat but i always see Bobby Flay using flank so i though id try it and i used a great marinade for that made it really flavorful and tasty!

Margarita Flank Steak
1/4 cup of Tequila
1/4 cup of real orange juice
the juice of 2 lemons
and Salt & Pepper and marinate for 45 minutes!

On the sandwich lettuce, provolone cheese, steak, tomatoes,diced red onion, avocado's and topped with a poached egg!


  1. I never had a poached egg until my Mom moved in with us and I really am a fan of them. I like them in a sandwich also. God, once again you are making my mouth water :D

  2. YUM. That looks so good. Heart attack on a plate, but serve my up some please!

  3. You are brave...i dont go beyond fried, scrabbled or hard boiled :)

  4. Girl, I just love your blog! I know I can always count on you. Every time I come over you have something new and delicious to try. Yummers!

  5. Thank you ladies for all the comments much appreciated :)

  6. I vote that we all come and eat at your place! I think I'd like that for breakfast! Drive througH? LOL