Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Halloween Costume's & Pottery Barn

OK theses costumes are just too cute last week i was at pottery barn and picked up the new Fall catalogue and found these absolutely adorable costumes. And although my 5 year old son will not want to be a hamburger. At the moment he's leaning toward Wolverine from X-Men but i still think if i had my way i would want him to be this cool burger !
And if my girls (Britt 21,Katepoo 18) were 5 again i know they would totally go for the Cupcake costume $ 59.00 each (lol) I just love shopping for costumes and all things Halloween.

OK so check out his table runner only $25.00 love the stars and the scary house i will be ordering this one measurements(17x70)

And the count down to Halloween Calender @ $ 59.00 is very cute but a little pricey i think i my try my hand at making this since i sew i think i might be able to do it for under $20.00 dollars. will see how this goes (lol)

Love this table cloth with the big bold boarder around the bottom this is perfect for my outside table the size (70x90) and is $ 49.00 i know a little expensive but your only going to use it once a year it can last for years !! So investment for the next few years !

Love the look of this but way to expensive @ $ 99.00 i can buy a plain black one at Anna linens for $30.00 and add the starts myself !

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  1. I just bought my first Halloween decorations for the new house and can't wait!