Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Green Chili Verde Recipe

Green Chili Verde sauce my way ! Start off with at least 2 dozen Anaheim Chili's wash pat dry and roast on the grill until soft and toasty in my Green chili i always add green tomitillo about a dozen or so do the same to them as the green chili.
The smell of the chili on the grill is so worth it ! this smell reminds me of being a little girl and my mom and grandma's doing this except they did the toasting in the oven !Although i don't use their recipes for the green chili it is very similar i like to add the tomitillos and alot of garlic and different spice's.
So when done toasting the chili's in a pan in saute one whole onion red or yellow for this i used red it's what i had !
1 large onion diced
12 Garlic cloves diced
2 Tbsp of oil
4 cubes of Chicken bouillon cubes
1 Tsp of Cumin
1 Tsp of Celery salt
2 tbsp of red chili powder
Salt & Pepper to taste
Start on low heat
meanwhile back to green chili when they are cooled peel the outer layer off then you can keep the seed or throw them out which ever is for you just remember the more seeds you leave in the hotter it can get ! With the tomitillo's peel the husk off them then put in blender blend to pureed add to onion mixture on the stove stir and at the same time add Chicken bouillon cubes.
Back to green chili peel then add to blender with a little bite of water puree the add to mixture on the stove stir in the rest of the ingredients cook about 2 hours so all the flavors can blend together then when almost done add fresh cilantro!

When done you can really use this sauce for anything as long as you like spicy ! I made steam rice and grill chicken and poured it over the chicken and rice. So yummy you can freeze the rest !

I also use this sauce for chicken enchilada's
or the base for my Tamales
This is also great for pork roast burritos !


  1. Hey!! Following ya back!! I am an absolute Mexican food addict so this recipe just makes my mouth water!!
    What a pretty blog! We should open a restaurant - you can make the main dishes and I'll wow 'em with desserts!! Have you ever had jalepeno brownies?? Seriously - they are amazing! :-)

  2. Oh, GAWD GIRL! Oh, this looks so good. I love Chile Verde. All right, dang it! I'm packing my bags and movin' in! ;) Everything you post looks so good. I had another recipe but this looks better than what I've done. Can't wait to try it.