Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sun Tea ???

Sun Tea ? Yes that is the question ! Right now as i type i am drinking Sun Tea i gave up diet coke about a month ago just wasn't feeling it anymore and it had way to much sodium in it and a bunch of other crap that really wasn't doing anything for me ! So now i have been totally obsessed with sun tea i have always liked tea hot or cold but now i find myself drinking it all day and ordering it when ever i go out (LOL) But this morning i came across on the Internet a article warning about the bacteria growth in Sun Tea !! (eww) Oh no , not my sun tea :( . The centers for Disease Control states that brewing Sun Tea can mean growth Alcaligenes viscolactis a bacteria common in water. Sun-heated water won't get any hotter than 130 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not hot enough to kill off bacteria. If your sun tea gets thick/syrupy and you see ropey strands, that's bacteria. OK so now i will be brewing my tea over the stove or i will be buying instant !! Ugh who new??

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  1. Tea is good for you. They will find something wrong with everything we ingest. Enjoy it and cheers xoxo