Monday, August 10, 2009

Cinemafusion who knew ??

So Friday was date night and the hubby and he didn't disappoint either i was heading toward the car and he even remember to open my door and said wait a minute ran to his truck and pulled out roses and gave them to me i was speechless so thrown off i mean i always get flowers for Holidays, Birthdays special occasions and stuff like that but dinner and and movie WOW ! So we headed to P.F. Chang's that place never disappoints either the food is always awesome and drinks were nice and strong. The movie theater is at the same place GardenWalk right across the street from Disneyland.. So my hubby is such a great guy he took me to see Julie & Julia and i loved the movie she so inspired me to even cook more i don't have a Julia Child's cookbook (not yet) so i might be heading to Boarders this week to pick one up !
CinemaFusion ~
Where Beer, Wine and Movies meet........
CinemaFusion the only theater in Orange County that sever Beer, Wine in your seat or in the Sky Lounge ! The whole experience was pretty luxurious great surroundings the 21+ screening rooms are great for when your going to the movies with out the kiddies !

The Bar area was so cool they serve Beer and wine and all the non alcohol stuff too!
OK the seat's where so comfy and i loved the fact that there weren't 100 people in one theatre.

This is the lounge area you can hang out in before or after the movies.

And this theater is also a IMAX too!! Me and the hubby will defiantly be going back

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  1. Wow! That is a serious theater! I want to go see that movie.

    Visiting from SITs!