Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday Funday ......

Up early on Sunday to make my family a big Sunday Breakfast my daughter had some friends stay the night so the house was full ! 12 in all but i love it especially when i can make my famous Blueberry pancakes !! And Breakfast potatoes with my homemade Green Chili over the top !
My home potatoes!
7 Russet potato's
6 Garlic cloves chopped
1 onion chopped
1/4 cup Fresh parsley chopped
some oil for the pan
Cook in a pan heat up oil first then add the garlic, onion, the potatoes add Salt & Pepper to taste and cook for about 25 minutes until soft stirring about 2 or 3 time through out !
Blueberry Pancakes~ Kinda of homemade :)
1 basket of fresh Blueberry's (wash toss in a bowl with tsp of Sugar)
2 tsp of Vanilla
The Zest of 1 lemon
6 Eggs white ~ whipped until you have peeks
add to mixture of boxed plain pancake mix
add water per box instructions
When mix is ready put spoonful in to pan then add Fresh blueberry's cook flip the eat with lots of butter and syrup.
Early Dinner on Sunday my Niece Jessica and her Boyfriend came to enjoy some homemade
dinner and family time ! I made some homemade Bruschetta with cherry yellow & red tomatoes fresh basil, Garlic and balsamic vinegar and a dash of olive oil.
Although we didn't have wine with all our cheese we did have martini's but enjoyed some fruit and Asiago cheese, pesto on a fresh baguette i also made my Chicken salad but i didn't put it in the pic it must have still been on the counter :(
And for dessert i made chocolate cake in a shot glass it was so rich and moist and full of goodies like chocolate syrup and white chocolate chips and the cake was a mixture of Brownie mix and cake mix and baked together for a full deliciousness!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a shot was all you needed !

So i layered the cake then add the chips and sryup and choclate frosting did this twice put in the fridge to chill severed cold.

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  1. Breakfast looks so good. That's a great tip, don't add the fruit until you put the batter on the pan. I always mix the fruit or the nuts or whatever in the batter. This is great. The chocolates look so yummy too.