Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Close Family


A poem from my daughter Katelyn she will 18 on Friday !
I am from endless toys in the yard,
Swing sets full of children,
From pools with floating noodles,
from stepping on cars and trains,
I am from a close family
I am from close friends,
Random shoes by the front door,
Somebody always home,
From a high electricity bill,
I am from dinner at the kitchen table every night,
I am from video games with a 5 year -old,
Constant support from Fabulous parents,
Occasionally bickering with my best friend, a.k.a my sister,
I am from good times with my brother,
From memories of playing tag till the street lights came on.
I am from my own attitude,
The constant reminder,
"if you don't have anything nice to say", don't say anything at all,
From rolling eyes,
From not quite thinking before i speak.
I am from family traditions,
Tamales for Christmas,
from gathering around the table with the women of the family,
Spreading the masa,
Listening to old stories,
I am from a close family.



  1. where did our little katiepoo go???I remember you bringing her home from the hospital! :(

  2. Thank you ladies ! yes my lil girl is almost all grown up ! and she makes me so proud :)

  3. Such a wonerful poem and your daughter is beautiful!

  4. Connie K. That's outstanding. What a great tribute to you and her Dad. I love this kind of stuff! LOVE IT>>> kERI