Monday, October 19, 2009

Gourmet Magazine Closing down


After 68 great years Gourmet Magazine will no longer be !!They are closing down. Ahh it just goes to show you everyone in affected by the recession. You will be missed Gourmet Magazine ! November isssue will be it's last !



  1. Yeah it's crazy. My neighbors and I went to our Fav Mexican place on Saturday only to find they had closed down a week before. it's sad, cause that was the best Mexican food in our town.

  2. hi connie,

    i went down and ready a bunch of your posts, very cute! i can't believe gourmet is closing down it is so scarey!

    i wanted to thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment, cyberbulling has gotten way out of control, and yes, i do know adults continue to do this... it is sad, some people just never mature past what? 10??? really really sad! i'm happy to have you repost my blog so as many people see it and understand just how important it is... i know we all have own causes which come close to our heart, and i am no exception but all of our children are on the internet and all children should feel safe!! but we have to talk to our kids at home first! :) have a wonderful day my friend and stop by anytime!